Nutrition and health consultation is suitable...
  • for everyone who wants to do something for their health or
    optimise their lifestyle.
  • to strengthen the immune system
  • to strengthen the teeth
  • for the treatment of light digestive problems
  • optimal nutrition in old age
  • optimal nutrition during the menopause
  • for overweight/underweight
  • Instructions for independently performed deacidification
    (creation of an alkaline environment in the body)
  • Instructions for independently performed intestinal rehabilitation (detoxification and building of the intestinal mucosa)
  • for the inner balance
As support measures...
  • for high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases
  • for stomach and intestinal problems
  • for recurrent cystitis
  • for intolerances and allergies 
  • for type 2 diabetes 
  • for high cholesterol levels 
  • for arthritis and arthrosis
  • for gout and kidney stones
  • in fungal infections

Please note that these consultations do not provide a diagnosis and in the event of serious health problems there is no substitute for seeing a doctor or psychologist. A consultation in cooperation with the family doctor is possible.