A little insight into my life
After my training as a gardener in 1985, I continued to work in my profession for some time and then spent several years in Asia where, after further training, I worked with an international organization in social projects. Helping people in poverty and need became more and more important to me.
At the end of 1994 I returned to Switzerland and met my husband Graziano Crepaldi. We have two cool grown children. Together we founded the association "Life Share Network" and since then we have been leading social projects in different countries of the world through "Life Share Helps". Between 2012 and 2019 I ran my own gardening business, which I enjoyed very much. The world of plants and herbal medicine fascinated me since childhood and I was able to pass on my knowledge with good results to many people with physical issues. Some years ago I started to have persistent health problems and once again I turned to the pharmacy of God. It impressed me very much how I was able to get pain and digestive problems under control through an appropriate diet,  few supplements and some natural measures. Two years ago, I decided to expand my already broad knowledge in a professional way and completed the training as a specialist consultant for holistic health © at the Academy of Naturopathy in Switzerland. This enabled me to get some new skills and I hope to be able to assist many people seeking advice.

Sonja Crepaldi (Health Coach)