How does coaching work?
After the first contact, we arrange a free introductory meeting.

First appointment: (free introductory talk) 
Time required: 30 minutes
You will receive a questionnaire from me, which we will fill out together. After I have received all the information required for the consultation from you and if you wish, we will set a second appointment.

Second appointment: (fee required) Time required: 1.5 hours
On the basis of the questionnaire I have evaluated, we will discuss your health situation as well as your current diet and its health consequences. I will then explain to you in detail what changes in your eating habits I am proposing to you and, of course, why I am giving you these recommendations. In addition, you will receive a diet plan tailored to your individual needs, which I will work out for you personally. You will therefore not receive an impersonal computer evaluation.

Telephone support:
For the next four weeks, you will receive a free telephone consultation. You can ask me questions in connection with the implementation of your individual nutrition plan. For more extensive information, the time will be charged for.

Third appointment: (subject to a fee)
It is advisable but not mandatory to make a third consultation appointment 6 - 8 weeks after the first appointment. This is about evaluating the change in diet and adapting the diet plan to the changed health situation.

All consultations can take place either in our offices in Turbenthal or online.
  • 30-minute meeting (free of charge)
  • Evaluation of the health questionnaire: flat rate (120.- euros)
  • Consultation session charged according to time and effort: Hourly rate (100.- euros)
  • Minor questions between the consultation sessions, which have to do with the implementation of the discussed measures, are free of charge
  • larger clarifications and explanations are charged according to the above hourly rate.
All consultations can take place either in our offices in Turbenthal or online.
For a successful cooperation three to four consulting sessions are usually necessary. Depending on the situation, a longer-term consultation with longer intervals can also be useful.