Crepaldi Health Coach

Holistic Nutritionist

Health is a gift but we can also actively do something for our health. A healthy lifestyle is the best health care. But what is a healthy lifestyle? This includes, for example, a healthy diet, enough exercise, normal body weight, sufficient sleep, good stress management, harmonious relationships, no smoking, no or little alcohol, no drugs and other addictions.
A healthy lifestyle is sustainably supported by an optimal diet and is based on food that is actually suitable for the person. The aim of our consultations is to put together a suitable diet for you that tastes good, is fun and is adapted to individual needs and possibilities.
Depending on your needs, suitable food supplements are also recommended and of course we also take a look at the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
Through personal consultations - or online consultations - in German and English - we define together the goals and the personal way to achieve these goals. On this path you are not alone, but we will discover many new things and move forward step by step in relaxed cooperation. Your efforts will be worthwhile in any case! 

"The way to your health is through the kitchen" (Sebastian Kneipp)

As a specialist consultant for holistic health©, it gives me great pleasure to accompany you on this path.